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    Codes are now being added to every ITEM page on this web site. This will make it easy to isolate types of Mad and Mad related products. The codes are listed below with a link to each category definition. Wither click on the CODE or scroll down. For example, if you were looking for PRE-MAD items, you would go to the COLLECTION SEARCH and type in PMI. The search engine will bring up all items coded as PRE-MAD items. The codes are the bottom of each item page.  A search bar is included at the top of this page.

  • CMI = Certified Mad Item

  • GMI - Genuine Mad Item

  • PMI = Pre Mad Item

  • KMI = Knockoff Mad Item

  • FMI = Foreign Mad Item

  • RMI = Related Mad Item

  • RAC = Mad Racing Item

  • UAI = Up The Academy Item

  • MTI = Mad TV Item

  • OMI = Office Mad Item

  • MSI = Mad Show Item

  • MCI = Mad Clothing Item

CMI = Certified Mad Item. Certified Mad items are licensed Mad products and promotional items. These were and are generally available from third party retail outlets as well as directly from Mad.

GMI = Genuine Mad Item. These are items produced and sold through the Mad offices. They are genuinely older items and in many cases quite rare.

PMI = Pre Mad Item. These are the items that featured the likeness of the "Me Worry" Kid before he was Alfred E, Neuman. Some of these items are as new as the 60s, but before Mad became as protective of Alfred as they are today.

KMI = Knockoff Mad Item. These are unlicensed products featuring the likeness of Alfred, the Spys or the Mad logo. Some may be one of a kind. 

FMI = Foreign Mad Item. These are any Mad items issued by the non US Mad publications.

RMI = Related Mad Item. This category can include publications about Mad and Alfred appearances in other publications.

RAC = Mad Racing Item. These are items related to the Mad Funny Cars.

UAI = Up The Academy Items. Items from or about the movie Up The Academy

MTI = Mad TV Item. Items from or about the TV show MadTV.

OMI = Office Mad Item. These are any items sent out or used by the Mad offices.

MSI = Mad Show Item. Items from or about the musical The Mad Show.

MCI = Mad Clothing Item


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