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Information courtesy of Joram Sawady 

   Israeli MAD was first published in June 1994, by "Modan" Publishing Company, Tel Aviv. The  Editors: Ruth Modan and Jeremy Pinkos. Art Director: Tamar Caravan Layout: Geula Ausi. Language Director: Vivian Avital. 

   About 60% was translated from American editions of MAD. The rest were original Israeli contributions, dealing with social issues, religion, spoofs on books, television programs, advertisements and the like. The Hebrew language used was "slang", either in translation from American, or in the original contributions. The original contributions appear much bolder than the American original, sort of "in your face", sometimes on the verge of pornography.

   The magazine appeared to have been well received, at least according to readers letters which welcomed the Israeli edition. In January 1995 one could subscribe to the Israeli MAD for 58.80IS for 6 issues (around $12.63). New stand price was 9.80IS per issue, or around $2.10.

   There were no MAD books or MAD specials ever appeared in Hebrew. Altogether, 10 issues were published. There was an Israeli board game and Israeli card game.

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