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    Mad was first published in Italy in 1971. The first edition Italian Mad (Edizioni Williams Inteuropa) lasted for 13 issues. The final 6 issues of series #1 (#s 8 through 13) were printed "oversized" (9 1/2" x 12 1/2") in order to get more presence on the Italian news stands. The final issue of series #1 was published in 1973.

    Series #2 of the Italian Mad (Edizioni Elfo) came out in 1985 and lasted 15 issues through 1986. There were 4 original covers during the span of that edition.

    The third and final edition of the Italian Mad (Edizioni B.S.D.) began in 1990 and lasted for 9 issues until 1991. There were no original covers during the 3rd edition.

    In total, 37 issues of the Italian Mad were published along with some specials and paperback books.

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