Collecting MAD Stuff

To collect MAD stuff, you have to be a part of an elite group of people who recognize the significance of one of the most influential magazine/comic book publications. For almost 50 years, MAD has helped paved the way for much of what we see on TV today, as well as define, both legally and artistically, the humor style known as SATIRE. There are relatively few MAD collectors competing for an even smaller amount of merchandise and collectibles. This is what makes the hobby difficult at times. This page will help new collectors understand the "basics" of collecting as they enter the hobby. The examples shown are from my collection, and represent just a fraction of the items "out there". So, if you are new to the hobby, get ready to empty the 401K and dive in! What, You Worry?

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Collecting MAD stuff is interesting in that there are so many different "types" of MAD memorabilia to find. Some collect all type (like I do), while others specialize. Listed below are the various "categories" of MAD stuff.

    This category includes non 3-D items and includes the actual MAD Magazines. Use the menu below for further breakdowns.

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  • MAD Regular Issues
    The basis of all Mad collecting. For a complete listing, visit the MAD COVER SITE. Rule of thumb is that unless the magazine is in fine or better shape, or a rare issue, these are the least valuable of Mad collectibles. Your goal is a complete run of regular issues.

  • MAD Specials
    The specials began appearing in the late 50s, and since then over 150 "specials" have appeared. Many had "bonus inserts", a valuable part of your special collection. To see a complete listing of Mad specials, click HERE.

  • MAD Hard Cover Books
    There have been several MAD hard cover books released either directly through MAD or with Mad's approval since back in the 50s. To see what is out there, click HERE.

  • MAD Paperbacks
    A collector's NIGHTMARE! That's all I can say. Hundreds of paper back books have been released including many featuring the work of individual artists and writers. To make things worse, there have been tons of cover revisions, publishers and printings to deal with. As of this time, there is little reference in this Web Site for paper backs, although an attempt is being made to get this part of the site updated.

  • MAD Foreign Issues
    Actually "non-American Mads" would be a better term. To see some of the issues in my collection by nation, click HERE.

    Magazines and catalogs with articles about MAD or the Mad staff. I have some of these in my collection. They can be viewed by clicking HERE.