Search Tips

How To Find MAD Stuff

Searching for MAD stuff has never been easier, thanks to the Internet. There are a couple of tools that are really handy when looking for items online.

  • SEARCH ENGINES The most logical place to find information. Along with YAHOO and the others, you should look at Web Ferret, a search mechanism that uses ALL major search engines at one time. Plus it works INDEPENDENTLY of your browser, so you don't have to keep switching pages back and forth. For details, go to

Remember to search the right categories. If you want records, search "out of print records". For games, search "games". E-mail every web site that is listed. They will often "be on the lookout" for you if they don't have the item you want.

  • NEWS GROUPS If your ISP has newsgroups available to you, they can be a very helpful too. The problem is that there are hundreds of groups on line. To filter through the stuff in HTML format, use DEJA NEWS, a news group search engine. You can access them by clicking on I do not believe that you will need News group access to use this service. Do a search for "MAD Magazine" and see what comes up. Then post your wants and e-mail address. You will be surprised what you get!

  • FLEA MARKETS & ANTIQUE MALLS When doing a search, seek out sites like these. Many allow you to post WANTED ads free of charge. In many cases, these e-mail WANTEDS are printed out and placed on a bulletin board for dealers to read.